Esther Bouquet is an artist and graphic designer whose work exists between two worlds: book making and installations. Her projects explore different shapes of interaction, with the belief that interaction exists not only between a person and a screen but also between people in a shared space. She questions how narratives—both historical and literary—are being built by creating tangible experiences ranging from the size of the sheet of paper to the volume of a space; somewhere between writing, archiving, drawing, designing, and programming.

Her practice addresses surveillance, tracking, and control on the web. These phenomena, designed to abstract themselves, reveal the stakes of networked technologies and their related political issues. Bouquet seeks to uncover their schemes in order to highlight their dysfunction, both visually and critically, by probing the soil and structural layers of obfuscation.

Led by curiosity and convergences, she finds joy when collaborating, learning, and interacting with people from other disciplines. The randomness, flexibility, and uncertainty in the output feeds her process and creativity. During her free time, she loves creating small electronic creatures that live on her shelves and losing track of time opening every book in a library section.

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