Artist, researcher, and graphic designer, Esther Bouquet lives and works between Lyon and New York. Her education led her to articulate graphic design, space design and new media. Being a resident at the School For Poetic Computation in 2019 helped her develop a research axis that critically examines technology from a social, cultural and political perspective.

Her practice exists somewhere between writing, archiving, performance, installation, design, and programming. Her projects explore the transposition of surveillance and control phenomenons on the web into physical, material, and performed spaces. They reconstruct her online data traces into a catalog of targeted advertisements, archive her own browsing history, and compose a Bible based on the terms of service of digital services she uses. All together they bear witness to the passage of time in a strange and poetic manner while seeking to capture the immediacy of information, its evolution, accumulation, and fragility.

Her work highlights technological dysfunctions, power structures and even sometimes the absurdity of technologies that have profundly transformed how we live, work, communicate and dream, all while questioning the human part within them.

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